How to Build Your Child's Self Esteem-- Even If The School Is Tearing It Down

A step by step, 8 week online live course for parents and guardians of dyslexic students aged 7 - 15 years old.

Early Bird Pricing : 75 dollars a week ( $ 100 a week regular price)

Learn how to increase your child's self esteem, regardless of how unsupportive your child's school environment is, in this step by step live 8 week video course for mothers, dads and guardians of children 7-15 years old.

From my live personal involvement,support and coaching( we won’t let you fall through the cracks of the internet- and I'll be right with you , going through the course together!), to cutting edge tools and training, to free lifetime access (invest once, take the course as many times as you want!) to the most vibrant, deep and intentional global online community of like-minded moms, dads and guardians of dyslexic children, specifically interested in supporting their children's emotional wellbeing, and resilience, this course will transform your parenting, give you clarity, and help you know exactly what you need to do to support your child’s emotional wellbeing and holistic FLOURISHING.

This course is a deep, touching and unparalleled journey.

But like everything in life, it’s not for everyone.

If you are ready to stop going at parenting alone, to feel confident that you have the tools to know how to talk to your child about their dyslexia, and support their emotional needs while at the same time, being proactive at giving them the tools they need to build up their resilience, regardless of how challenging their environment is, than come. Let’s go deep together, join our community parent course.

Please know that enrollment is only until October 20th and the early bird pricing goes up significantly after Midnight October 15th The Course begins October 22nd

Here is what you will receive when you enroll in the 8 week online course:

Lifetime access to video and homework downloads : These are released on a weekly schedule during the 8 week course, but you can go at your own pace, because once released, you’ll have unlimited access to the course content , even after the course is complete.

Each unit is designed to build from the ground up so that you have the step- by step plan and tools to help your child foster and develop an inner sense of resiliency and self esteem regardless of how challenging the school situation may be.

Three Community video classes or “classrooms” : Three times during the 8 weeks that we will be together we will all join together in a video call to do a live workshop together, and foster a stronger sense of community. This is where the most growth happens. We vote on the time for the classroom courses, but if you cannot make the time mentioned then the recordings of the classroom sessions are posted.

Private Facebook Mastermind Group: You don’t have to do it alone! That is why all the classmates will have access to a private Facebook group so we can all get to know one another and join together sharing resources and ideas. I’ll also be doing Facebook lives on the page every week, as we discuss that weeks content and Facebook prompt.

Everyone will get an assigned partner to do the program with- We can learn the most from each other, and other parents who are parenting students of similar age. You and your buddy will go over homework, and have an opportunity to explore the course together.

Here are the guiding principles I had in mind when I designed the format of the program:


Many parents look to their left and to their right and see few other parents struggling with the issues and opportunities around raising a dyslexic child around them. It’s easy to feel isolated when it seems like you are the only one advocating, dealing with IEP’s , supporting, cheerleading, and trying to figure everything out via late night google searches. We’ve got you. It’s time to stop going at it alone. Community is the fundamental value of the program. With a buddy- system, facebook live discussions and more, you’ll feel deeply supported.

Practical & Experiential

This program is practical and the curriculum keeps you regularly applying the new concepts and tools. I designed this as a longer experience so that you’d have time to implement what you learn. For example, you won’t just learn information about how you can communicate more effectively when your child is having a melt down, You’ll get structured guidance from me for day-to-day practices for developing new parenting habits over the week that we are diving into that topic. That’s how change really happens – supported, repeated, small but meaningful actions.


This course is flexible so you can fit it into your busy schedule, whether that means listening on a commute or doing a quick practice while waiting in the school parking lot. Though there is a logical order to the modules, if you need to skip a module during a busy time, you can absolutely jump in with us in the next module and return to what you missed much later when you have time. When you purchase the program, you are in for life, and you can re-join us as many times as you need.

Only the most powerful & effective tools

I’ve spent so much time working with teachers, parents and guardians around understanding the dyslexic processing style, and supporting the emotional needs of dyslexic students. Over the years, I’ve seen what doesn’t really work, and what only works for some families, or what usually gets so-so results. Everything in the program is there because it consistently brings about remarkable results for diverse families. You are getting the most powerful and effective material only.

Your Instructor

Elisheva Schwartz
Elisheva Schwartz

Elisheva is a dyslexia researcher, mother, wife , intelligence re-difiner and podcast host. She’s on a mission to decode the dyslexic mind, and empower the dyslexic community to fully understand both the strengths and the difficulties of the processing style. Her podcast, The Dyslexia Quest, was ranked number 29 on the iTunes education category.

Both her academic background in Cognitive Science and Education, as well as her own personal experiences with dyslexia( having it, and parenting a dyslexic son), allows Elisheva to draw on a unique blend of both the personal and scientific.

Elisheva often writes about dyslexia, cognition , learning, creativity and intelligence, and maintains an occasional column at The Creativity Post.

Additionally, Elisheva often speaks at Universities and Conferences, with some of her latest speaking engagement including The International Dyslexia Association( Panel) and University of Philadelphia.

"Before I did the training , my fifth grade dyslexic son was moody, avoidant and highly irritable. I knew he was having a difficult time in school, but I felt like there was nothing else I could do to make it better. ..

Now after the training, I feel like I understand my son so much better. I feel able to diffuse the tension , and give him practical tools so he can help himself when he is feeling frustrated or aggravated. Our relationship has transformed, and my son is far more adaptable, motivated and happy. "

""I did not have a clear expectation when I signed up for the course. My
8-yr-old son is a happy kid with mixed feelings about his dyslexia. But I
was worried about how his academic life would affect his self-esteem as he
progressed to upper grades. After implementing the tools and strategies
Elisheva taught in the class, I have seen seen a huge improvement in my
son "owning his dyslexia" and "advocating for himself at school". This is
huge for us.
I want to say thank you, Elisheva, for creating this course.
It is a must for all parents and educators."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund, but you must have attended the webinars, and have done your homework.
Do I need to be good at technology?
No ! If you can make your way to this website then you are savvy as you need to be! Also, if you are having *any* difficulties, we'll get on the phone with you and step you through it, step by step.
What if I cannot make it to the video "classrooms"?
We do vote on the times of the classrooms, to ensure that the majority of the individuals can make it, but if you can;t you can always get the recoding!

CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU ALL!!!!!! Feel free to email me if you have any questions at elisheva000@gmail.com

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